The Inspiration for Having So Much Fun in Mallorca

Planning to have so much fun in this holiday is a good idea. Having a free time in a little bit longer time is a good thing. If you are a busy one who often get problems to have so much fun to refresh your mind, you can plan the fun vacation in that long holiday by having such a good preparation. That will be a good idea for you to notice about the good and proper preparation on dealing with the need. It might be completely that complicated if we have no idea on having such a good preparation. One of the important things to determine first is the destination to go. There are so many great places to be visited in all over the world. That is including Mallorca which also offers such a bunch of the great attractions there. That is including the attractions of the beautiful nature, culture, and also history there. In brief, when we spend time there, we will find a lot of things which are wonderful and able to be enjoyed. That is why it becomes one of the most interesting places to be enjoyed in its surrounding.

If you are interested in visiting Mallorca, of course you have to prepare anything well including for the accommodation. Hunting the right hotels there might be tricky if we have no experience on visiting that place. However, we can simply go to visit the right place which can be helpful on finding the right hotel to be booked for enjoying our holiday there. One of the destinations to go is the site of There, we will find the ideas for the accommodation and what can be booked based on our need. Then, we will get the idea about the need for the holiday in that place properly.

That site offers a bunch of ideas and also information which can be completely that useful for you. That is including the information about the fun activities which we can do, the places to visit, and many other things which we want to know about that place. Of course, when we are going to spend time and holiday at particular place, we have to know well about the place first and get some ideas for planning your won holiday there. That is including if you are going to plan a fun holiday in Mallorca. We need to find info about the place first and get the fun ideas on planning our holiday there.

An Unforgettable Evening Desert Safari


Desert safari offers a lot of charm. Dubai desert safari should be on your hit list if you are planning a holiday tour. An evening desert safari trip in Dubai usually starts around 4 pm and continues till nearly 10 pm. You can take a kicking start of your desert safari with the exciting dune bashing. It feels great to be smashing sand across the far stretched Arabian Desert. It is an absolutely thrilling experience.

Desert Safari Dubai

Dressing up in Arabian attire to enjoy the marvels of the exotic evening desert safari feels great. You can get to try the bumpy camel ride once you hop on a camel and experience the true essence of the Arabian desert just like you have seen in movies. You would surely want to smoke a sheesha while sitting beside a water fountain.

You can later try out sand skiing which is super awesome and even more fun than snow skiing. You will be overjoyed by the amount of excitement and thrill sand skiing brings.

Another enticing activity includes quad biking where you get to run your four wheeler bike through the golden sand spread over the desert and feel your adrenaline rushing because it is going to be one bumpy ride!

The gorgeous sunset of the desert is an absolute beauty to watch. You will definitely want to capture the eye catching shades of orange and pale blue spread all over the sky. The aura and essence of the desert takes you to a complete new world of magic, beauty, serenity and excitement.

After you feel your energy level going down because of all the fun and adventure, you can enjoy the delights of hot sizzling barbecue, Kahwa or Arabian tea, sweet as honey dates of the desert and all sorts of delicious cuisines.

Desert Safari Dubai

Your meal becomes even more fun with all the professional belly dancers showing their talent and electrifying the environment phenomenally. Dubai belly dance is one of the biggest charms when it comes to desert safari and tourism. Everyone wants to witness the dynamic belly dance shows in the safari camps. Your Arabian dinner is just not complete without belly dancers. They have the finest belly dancers who know how to win your hearts with their dynamic performances that can hardly be forgotten. You are surely going to eat well and be amused by watching the grand belly dancing and tanura dancing shows arranged for your complete entertainment.


Tenancy Cleaning


Tenancy Cleaning is the fastest growing cleaning company in London specialising in End of Tenancy Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and Move out Cleaning. We can guarantee your full deposit back. 100% Satisfaction Service. Tenancy Cleaning has been cleaning properties in London for almost a decade now. We are well aware of all cleaning requirements needed by the leading estate agents and landlords to pass the inventory checkout. Our prices are very competitive and we can provide you with very good deals when you combine two or more cleaning services together. To find out how much you can save visit our Hot Deals Page.

Tenancy Cleaning London Guarantees Your Full Deposit Back. Don’t be fooled by other cleaning companies giving you short time guarantee of 24h or 48h. Our Cleaning is guaranteed until you get your deposit back. Should we fail for any reason to pass your cleaning inspection, we will come back to re-clean free of charge.

We have been providing end of tenancy cleaning services in London for more than 10 years. Our extensive cleaning checklist is tailored to suit the requirements of estate agents, landlords and independent inventory clerks.

We don’t claim to be the cheapest on the market, but to be cheap is normally associated with poor service and nobody will be coming to re-clean should any problems occur. Our prices are affordable and will save you time and headache.

Remember, all our prices are fixed with no hidden charges.

We don’t only look after our customers. All our End of Tenancy Cleaners will undergo specialist training to ensure quality and responsibility.

Rest assured that our End of Tenancy Cleaners are:

  • Fully vetted and insured
  • Trained and motivated
  • Helpful and friendly
  • Punctual and Dependable

Our list of satisfied clients continues to grow as we advance to become one of the leading End of Tenancy Cleaning companies in London. We are approved cleaning contractors for more than 10 leading estate agents in London. Whether you are an estate agent, a private landlord or a Tenant our cleaning company can provide you with quality cleaning services at affordable prices.

Today it’s imperative to find the right cleaning company to conduct your end of tenancy cleaning service. Moving out of your property can be very stressful and the last thing you’d like to do is to have problems with your cleaning service. Not to mention the fact that your landlord or estate agent can hold some portion of your deposit. Save yourself a lot of trouble and find reputable cleaning company like us to complete your tenancy cleaning service. Don’t forget that we’ll come back to re-clean free of charge should any issues arise. Our award wining and dedicated phone support line are open for your requests 24/7/356. Furthermore, we constantly update our website where you can find good cleaning deals that suit your budget. You don’t have to spend fortunes to have professional cleaning service. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call our friendly team today. Alternatively, you can find out more today about our cleaning company at

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Citi Clean



Citi Clean is a professional cleaning company based in London offering a range of services such as: End of Tenancy Cleaning, Move out Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Spring Cleaning. All our cleaning teams are specifically trained in house to ensure quality-cleaning service. We have been in the cleaning business for almost 15 years and have satisfied thousands of customers. All our work is 100% Guaranteed. Our Cleaning Teams will undertake specific cleaning to ensure you will get your full deposit back. Our End of Tenancy Cleaning service has been rated the most efficient in London. Rest assured that our cleaning company would satisfy whatever cleaning needs you may have.

We at Citi Clean are well aware of the requirements for inventory checks and our extensive end of tenancy cleaning checklist reflects the cleanliness standards required by major London letting agents. We have carried out thousands of end of tenancy cleaning jobs in London for more than 7 years. We will help you get your deposit back. The end of tenancy cleaning is a thorough cleaning of all rooms, electric appliances, furniture and fittings in your property. Your entire property will be professionally cleaned to the highest standards.

Our end of tenancy cleaners are equipped with all the necessary chemicals, tools and equipment. We understand how important it is for you to have the property professionally cleaned and checked. If you need your carpets to be professionally steam cleaned as part of your end of tenancy cleaning, we can provide you with professional carpet cleaning at best prices possible

We use Prochem professional carpet, upholstery and general cleaning equipment. Our end of tenancy cleaning teams use the necessary detergents, materials and professional equipment for a guaranteed service.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist


– All work surfaces washed and polished

– Clean and polish inside and outside of all kitchen cupboards and drawers

– All crockery, cutlery and utensils neatly stacked

– Remove lime scale and polish sink/ shine taps

– Wall tiles degreased cleaned and polished

– Clean and degrease oven internally externally

– Clean and degrease oven

– Grime from extractor fan cleaned and removed

– Refrigerator cleaned, and all grime, mildew and food deposits removed

– Exterior of washing machine washed. Soap drawers and filters cleaned if accessible.

– Dishwasher cleaned, including filters if accessible

– Wipe down microwave from inside and outside

– Exterior of all other appliances including kettle, toaster to be cleaned

– Bins cleaned internally and externally

– Clean windows from the inside; wipe down window sills/ window ledges

– Wipe down all woodwork (doors, doorframes, and skirting boards)

– Wipe down radiators if applicable and accessible

– Clean plugs, light switches

– Vacuum and mop hard floors


– Bathroom door/ fittings washed down with germicidal solution

– Bathroom woodwork washed down with germicidal solution

– Pipe work/radiator washed with germicidal solution

– Tiled areas de-greased cleaned polished

– Bath area cleaned fittings cleaned and basin cleaned polished and de-scaled

– Shower area cubicle fittings cleaned polished and de-scaled

– Bidet de-scaled cleaned and polished if applicable

– Floor vacuumed, washed scrubbed with germicidal solution

– Clean descale and disinfect toilet inside and out

– Clean mirrors leaving no smears

– Clean windows from inside, wipe down window sills/ window ledges

– Clean ventilation/ extractor unit covers where applicable

Bedroom Areas

– All carpeted areas vacuumed

– All hard floors scrubbed / mopped

– All skirting / radiators dusted & damp wiped

– All doors, jambs, fittings, hinges dusted & damp wiped

– All furniture and surfaces cleaned and polished

– All cobwebs removed from ceilings / walls

– Clean and polish mirrors, pictures

– Clean plugs, sockets, light switches, lamp shades, light fittings

– Wash windows internally, window sills, window ledges

– Clean inside, outside and on top of cupboards and wardrobes

– Clean behind and under furniture (if furnished accommodation)

Hall / Stair Areas    

– All carpeted areas vacuumed

– All hard floors scrubbed / mopped

– All skirting / radiators dusted & damp wiped

– All window ledges dusted and damp wiped

– All doors, jambs, fittings, hinges dusted & damp wiped

– All light and socket fittings wiped clean

– Staircase treads, balustrades, handrails cleaned

– All cobwebs removed from ceilings / walls

– Clean and polish mirrors, pictures

Lounge Area

– All carpeted areas vacuumed

– All hard floors scrubbed / mopped

– All skirting / radiators dusted & damp wiped

– Upholstery vacuumed, cushions moved and cleaned underneath

– Clean and polish mirrors, pictures

– Clean and polish windows internally, window sills, window ledges

– All doors, jambs, fittings, hinges dusted & damp wiped

– All light and socket fittings wiped clean

– All cobwebs removed from ceilings / walls

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Company contact details:

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Promotional Travel Gifts – For the Frequent Traveller

Promotional travel gifts should be chosen with concern as they not only represent the company from which it is presented, but also has to meet the needs of the frequent traveler. They have to be durable enough to endure the rough handling of travelling and yet need to look good and stylish and enhance the style of the carrier.

There are a range of promotional travel items available in the market:

Portable USB: These electronic devices are a boon to the modern traveller. For someone who is always travelling overseas, such a USB portal comes in very handy to recharge all your electronic gears and gadgets, be it the cell phone or the laptop. Many competent brands are now manufacturing these and they are available in any price. Imprint your company logo and see it being used with pleasure among your clients.
Combination Laptop Lock: Your clients and employees will surely appreciate this wonderful gift. The lock has a three-digit combination system and all that has to be done is attach the device with one end of the laptop and secure the other end with any other stationary object. There is also 44-inch wire extension cord and this unique anti-theft device will keep users relaxed about the safety of their laptop.
Luggage Tag and Lock: This device has been made in accordance with the Transportation Security Administration, so you do not need to cut it open at international terminals and airport. The mechanism is a simple combination system, enabling you to keep your luggage secure in crowded places. There are labels for personal information and is made of high quality ABS plastic.
Duffel Bags: For someone who is frequently travelling, what can be more suitable than a spacious duffel bag? They come in leather predominantly and the latest edition is the eco-friendly cotton ones. It is advisable to keep the designing suitable for both male and female use. Get your company logo imprinted on the top flap of the bag, and your clients will be ready to travel in style.
Deluxe Travel Wallet: This is something that your clients and employees are going to cherish. Made from premium quality leather, this wallet has separate pockets for holding your passport, travel cards, ID, credit cards, driver’s license, pen holder and a zip-down coin pocket. Stylish in looks and multi-functional, it is the best possible gift to those who travel frequently.
Personal Stay-Fit Kit: For health freaks that are still rigid about their daily workouts even while on the move, this is the best possible gift available. It is a unique nine piece kit, including among other things a pair of weight extension, exercise band, jump rope and a pair of hand grips. It also has slots for holding the identification yet its superb styling makes it portable without occupying much space in the luggage.

Top Tips For Travel Gifts

Business companies of the modern world enjoy exposing their brand and logo on promotional Travel Gifts. These types of giveaways have a potential of targeting not only people at specific location, but also those that will be exposed to them during recipients’ travelling. Given below are some top tips for this promotional product which is well-accepted by the corporate sector and has proved to be very popular as a marketing tool:

1) Personalised Passport Holders:

A first class tan/black passport cover which can elegantly carry your brand and logo in the front area – offering excellent brand visibility. It is an impressive accessory for all international travel. It is made of top quality leather and features a soft, top-grade cowhide. This product can be personalised in a number of creative ways making it an exquisite personalised promotional product.

2) Portable Recharging Mat:

These powermat portable recharging mats are unique and very useful Travel Gifts. It is a very handy product for travelling and has a quick charge feature. It is compatible for electronic devices such as, Mp3 players, Bluetooth headsets, all Ipods, mobile phones etc. This product too can elegantly carry your brand, logo and marketing slogan and will be very strong to reach out to a wider range of potential customers.

3) Personalised Luggage Tags:

These long-lasting engraved brass luggage tags are perfect for an existing client or potential buyer who travels often. It secures easily with a brass clip. The tag has a limit of 4 lines for printing with a maximum of 25 characters per line. The print is in black which gives a look of sophistication. You can have your brand and logo printed on the back of each tag.

4) Portable DVD Players:

These are perfect Travel Gifts which can be used for relaxation. It is perfect to take your marketing message to a wider target audience as this product can be used with a group of people – friend, colleagues or corporate staff who have come together at a local/national/international conference. It has a 9-inch, high-resolution widescreen display and up to 6 hours of battery life. It is also ideal for long flights and car rides.

5) Laptop Bag:

This is a product that is required by all corporate staff of today – practically every person carries a laptop. This will be perfect for a promotional product that offers good brand visibility. Laptop Bags will be well-accepted Travel Gifts by business people who travel often. This is a 3-compartment briefcase which will get you through security check points a lot faster. It is unique as it features a “Check Point Friendly” pull out sleeve that holds your computer securely in place.

6) Notebooks for Avid Travellers:

A notebook is a very useful product for every traveller – especially those travelling for business purposes. These notebooks feature a hard cover which can clearly carry your personalised marketing message. Your message will also reach out to an extended target audience each time the book is used.

7) Handheld Electronic Sudoku Games:

Gifts of this category can be considered as Travel Gifts of a difference. It is a product that can be used during long flights and even during recreation. You can discreetly print your logo and brand name clearly on the front of the game. Depending on the place that it is used your marketing message can reach out to a wide audience. This has millions of Sudoku puzzles with 3 skill levels.

There is a wide range of gifts in this category that is found at all online stores. You can visit all these web stores, browse through these products or even have an online chat and select the most appropriate Travel Gifts for your marketing campaigns.

The Best Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

It is a fact that most women would like to get married somehow and once they have been promised of a wedding, they’d do everything to make it a wedding worth remembering. I know every woman can relate to this even if it’s not yet their time to walk down the aisle. You’d want everything to be perfect and would try to escape from the conventional that is why you’d go after finding the most unique bridesmaid gifts and wedding party favors. For the most personal choice, ask yourself, what you would like to give to your guests that will symbolize you and your husband-to-be. From this thought you’re sure to come up with ideas for a unique bridesmaid gift.

Here are some pointers to help you choose the right unique bridesmaid gift and wedding party favors:

1. Travel lovers: Choose from a personalized leather photo box, engraved glass photo vase, or a contemporary photo box as a wedding party favor. This will symbolize the your love for travelling; no travels will be complete without a picture.

2. Those who love to pamper themselves: Choices can range from a dressmaker mannequin soaps, personalized spa toiletry, personalized terry cloth spa slippers, monogram velour bathrobes, and personalized bath wrap as a unique bridesmaid gift. This will represent the couples who find it irresistible to go to spas and spoil themselves.

3. Dining as a way of life. Couples can choose from personalized insulated wine carrier, personalized martini lounge sign, personalized cocktail shaker, iced tea pitcher system, and engraved drinking glasses as a wedding party favor. This will go to show the couples love for dining and drinking.

4. For the workaholics. Options range from giant diamond ring paperweights, blown glass pens, custom stamps, and custom embossers as a wedding party favor.

5. On the go active lifestyle. A personalized weekender tote bag, personalized flip flops, personalized aluminum water bottle, personalized travel cosmetic case, monogram damask lined tote bag, or a personalized fleece blanket would be an excellent unique bridesmaid gift.

There are a hundred of choices to choose from but the question is will it symbolize you as a couple? I’m sure there’s always that special unique bridesmaid gift appropriate for each couple out there, you just have to make sure that you know what you want and why you want it.

Unique Retirement Gifts

When someone retires, it means that they have decided to finish working and perhaps “take it easy.” They’ve put their lives for many, many years, into a profession or business that was once their choice, and now it is time to relax and enjoy their senior adulthood as they see fit and according to their lifestyle. Retiring is something that is a very important milestone in many people’s lives, and so it is always a good idea to think of unique retirement gifts to give – which will be interesting, awe-inspiriting, and always remembered and cherished by the retiree to whom your planning on giving such a gift.

There are a couple of ways that you can celebrate someone’s retirement with unique and unusual retirement gifts. The first way is to celebrate the work that they have done and the life that they have led up until that point. This is a great gift to give if you work with the person as a co-worker, boss, business associate or someone who you come in contact daily at your place of business…and especially if you have known them for most of their working life. You might give them a picture in a nice frame (perhaps from all “the gang at the office” if it is a business associate or something that is personalized with their name and the name of the company. Nice pen sets, paperweights, and other types of office mementos, customized with their name, are all great and unique retirement gifts. Celebrating their work life, their career, is one of the ways to celebrate and honor their retirement.

The second way that you might choose to celebrate their retirement is with great unique retirement gifts that go in the other direction – away from the work life that they have had. There are many great gifts if you haven’t known the person for very long within their work environment, or if you simply want to celebrate the fact that they are done with work for good. Some great ideas when it comes to non-work related unique retirement gifts include things that they can use now that they aren’t spending each day at work – like golf clubs or equipment, or travel cases or passport holders that they can use to travel with. Keep in mind that taking something like a nice travel case, and having it customized and personalized with their name or initials is a great way to create a wonderful gift for their retirement from something that might have been just an ordinary gift. You also might want to give them gifts like packages of seeds to start a garden with, or gardening or grilling supplies if they like to have a garden or grill out. All of these are great and unique gifts that you can give someone as they travel down that road to retirement.

If you’d like to make a continuing impact on the retiree with a special type of retirement gift, consider a gift from one of the Gift of the Month Clubs. There you’ll be able to select a present that will be received over and over again…once a month for 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months. Consider the retiree and what he likes first; does he or she perhaps like beer or wine. There is a club for that sends micro-brewery beers monthly or domestic or imported wines as well. There are clubs for flowers, chocolate, desserts, dinners, and on and on. If you can think of it, there’s a Gift of the Month Club for it.

Additional List of Unique Holiday Gifts For Coworkers

In my previous article, we discussed some of the unique holiday gifts for coworkers based upon their personality traits and likings. In order that a person likes the gift and remembers you for a long time, you should try to make that gift as unique as possible. Here we try to expand our list of unique gifts which you cqn present to your coworkers and friends. (both in the expensive as well as in the inexpensive category).


For the Consistent Traveller :- You can present to him/her a branded luxury watch.

This can be a unique gift, especially for your coworkers in the Marketing department. These people have to travel a lot, have hectic work schedules and always have to reach important meetings / customers at the right time. So, a stylish luxury watch would be highly appreciated by your friend.

Moreover, if the person is an international traveller, then it makes more sense to gift him a watch which can show different time zones. This would further add to your thoughtfulness and the recipient is bound to remember you even when he is in another country.

For both men and women, there are various famous brands to choose from:- Tag Heur, Omega, Longines, Tissot, Swatch, Citizen, Titan etc. Take your pick. Some of them might be expensive, but worth the price and your valuable relationship with your friend.

These branded watches can surely be counted among the unique holiday gifts for coworkers.

2) For Aspiring Chefs:- A recipe book would be among the inexpensive and unique holiday gifts for coworkers who are fond of cooking. What’s more,…….. when they try out some new recipe, they may even invite you over for lunch / dinner. So, that would be an added bonus for you – giving an inexpensive gift to your friend and also getting a treat. Cheers to that………

3) For those who are Fond of Jewellery: – Depending upon your budget and closeness to that person, you can gift a silver / gold/ stainless steel bracelet. They would be wearing around their wrists and subconsciously thinking about you whenever they see it / whenever anybody gives then a compliment for the beautiful bracelet.

Furthermore, you can have their names engraved on the bracelet to make it all the ore special for them, thus making such a present among the unique holiday gifts for coworkers.

Apart from bracelets, you may also gift earrings, chains etc, the list is endless. As I mentioned, it all depends upon your closeness with your friend and your budget.

4) For those who like Shopping: – The best and the safest options is to present gift cards. Your friends would love it. Just be sure to give the gift card in tune with what the other person likes, for example, if they are technology savvy, then gift them a discount card to purchase their favourite computer accessories.

If they are fond of eating out, give them a gift card / discount card to a local restaurant.

You can also buy for them a subway pass / metro pass, so that their travelling expenses are reduced a little bit. Believe me, such thoughtful gifts; even though they are inexpensive, would be highly appreciated by your coworkers.

In order to make the present unique to the particular individual, you just have to find out their interests and give them the gift accordingly.

5) For those who like Sports:- Just find out which sport your friend likes and then give a gift accordingly. You can gift him a discounted subscription of his favourite magazine, or you could gift him a couple of tickets to the upcoming sporting event of his liking. You can also gift him the latest shoes / apparel from sporting brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas etc.

6) For the Movie Lovers: – Do gift them a collection of the latest blockbusters. They would really enjoy this unique gifts during their holidays.

7) For the Music Lovers.: – A gift pack consisting of the latest music Cd’s would make a unique gift for such coworkers.

Thus, with a little imagination and thoughtfulness, you can present unique holiday gifts to coworkers and friends alike, which would be remembered for a long time.

I would be continuing with my list of unique holiday gifts for coworkers in the subsequent articles.

Till then,… Happy Shopping…

I hope you found the above small selection of gifts to be interesting for yourself and enjoyable for your friends. As always, comments are Welcome and Encouraged.

P.S. If your friends really enjoyed these gifts, then please consider helping me out and spreading the word. Thanks…

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